Horseback Riding Lesson Program

Train weekly in SilverStride’s Lesson Program Packages. Our lesson program is designed to develop riding skills, build confidence, and teach proper horsemanship while creating an inseparable bond between human and horse. Riders will learn proper techniques for riding, tacking, grooming, leading, and horse care.

-SilverStride Packages:

  • Program A – $200.00: 4 Private (One-Hour) Lessons (one lesson per a week for one month.)
  • Program B – $325.00: 8 (One-Hour) Lessons per month. (4 Private, 4 Group lessons.)


Individual Private Lessons

  • Individual Private Lesson – $65.00: 1 (One-Hour) Private lesson on a school horse.
  • Individual Private Lesson on Your Horse – $55.00: 1 (One-Hour) Private lesson on you own horse at SilverStride Equestrian Center.


For more information please call (352)216-9359.