Lesson Program

Train weekly in SilverStride’s Lesson Programs. Our lesson programs are designed to develop riding skills, build confidence, and teach proper horsemanship. SilverStride coaches and guides riders on their journey. We help our riders set goals and achieve them. Maybe you’re looking to earn your USEA or USDF medals? Are you trying to qualifying for Regionals or Nationals? Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to enter the show ring just yet? Or maybe you are uncertain of the possibilities and opportunities out there. SilverStride will guide you every step of the way. Get started with a lesson program today and let us help you achieve your goals.

-SilverStride Packages:

  • Program A – $550.00: Three Private Lessons a week for the month. A total of 12 lessons a month.
  • Program B – $400.00: Two Private lessons a week for the month. A total of 8 lessons a month.
  • Program C – $250.00: One Private lesson a week for the month. A total of 4 lessons a month.


  • INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE: $65.00: One Private Lesson


We Can Help You:

-Further your training

-Earn your USEA and USDF Medals

-US Equestrian Lettering Program, Earn your letters, Grades 5-12

-Guidance in Equestrian Scholarships and Programs

-Start competing




Individual Private Lessons

  • Individual Private Lesson – $65.00: 1 (One-Hour) Private lesson on a school horse.


For more information please call (352)216-9359.